I Am That I Am (2013)


I Am That I Am


Remember the TRUTH, the SOURCE and the ONE that YOU ARE!…

The album starts with a song that tells why and when we have to meditate with the mantra I AM or I AM THAT I AM. The meditations, the mantras, the instruments and the compositions of the songs help us to balance all the elements of our energy field and our chakras.

This album tunes the symphony of the finite identity to the symphony of the infinite, improve the awareness and opens up the new possibilities of the reality. It takes away negativity from within oneself awakening the Infinite Creative energy to burn away obstacles to achieving higher consciousness. There are mantras to create inner peace so one can project outer peace, happiness and good fortune and to build self-esteem and self-confidence.

It helps us to unlock our power for creating miracles to reach to the feeling of oneness and to the energy of wholeness.

We step into the new world, step into I AM, I AM THAT I AM.

We are tuned to our perfection to create peaceful humanity and a peaceful world.



Sufi Soul / Neyim