Remember (2011)


Har Har Gobinde

Har Har Gobinde, Har Har Mukande,
Har Har Udare, Har Har Apare,
Har Har Hariang, Har Har Kariang,
Har Har Nirname, Har Har Akame

Mantra Explanation

Creator is the Sustainer, Creator is the Liberator,

Creator is the Enlightener, Creator is the Infinite,

Creator is the Destroyer, Creator is the Recrator,

Creator is Nameless, Creator is Desireless

It brings stability to the hemisfer of the brain

and works on the heart center to develop compassion,

patience and tolerance, uniting one with the infinite.

It works on karmic blocks, errors and problems from our past 

that we carry with us.

To meditate with this mantra cleans our aura and

strenghtess our protective shieldhelps to remember who we are and what we are.

This mantra brings prosperity, happiness, and saves us from calamities.

It is the sound current which brings a shield and

brings good luck and removes discomfort and disease.

It is the key to the doorway of self elevation. 


Sufi Soul / Neyim

I Am That I Am