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Wahe Guru Sat Nam

Wahe Guru Sat Nam

Mantra Explanation

Wahe Guru is the Guru Mantra, the mantra of ecstasy.

Chanting it elevates the spirit. Wa: Wonderful, he: you are, you lead us from Gu: darkness into Ru: the light.

It helps us to live our destiny and can illumine anything by vanishing darkness in an astonishing manner.

Sat Nam is a Seed Mantra or Bij Mantra and it is the most widely used in the practice of Kundalini Yoga.

Sat means the truth; Nam means to call upon, name or identify with. 

Sat Nam means "Truth is my identity" and "I call upon the eternal Truth that resides in all of us."

Chanting this mantra awakens the Soul 

and more simply means "really".

Sat Nam balances the 5 elements and helps you to live

your spiritual path and your destiny.

So you can discover the spirit everywhere.


Sufi Soul / Neyim

I Am That I Am